About Paula

Paula Despang
licensed mental health counselor
MH 7074

Troublesome secrets that you cannot talk to anyone about?  You need someone trustworthy to talk to.  I will never shame you, only help.

Trouble with your sweetie?  I would love to help.  My work in this area is informed by John Gottman and Susan Johnson, as well as my own experience of 20 years in a loving union.

Trouble with money?  You know that you created this mess and are embarrassed by it.  I will not scold.  I will help you sort out the issues that lead you to make decisions that you regret and make a new kind.

Trouble with your employees?  They just don’t get it, do they?  I can help you communicate in new, more effective, ways.

Trouble with drugs and/or alcohol?  If an agency is not an option for you, lean on my training and experience with addicts.  I have hope.

Struggling with losses you can’t get past or a life that just didn’t turn out the way you planned?  Together we can work through whatever has gotten in the way and find the joy again.

I will work with you to solve an immediate problem and to identify and resolve its underlying issues.  I will create individual interventions for each person in each session. You must be honest with me and put some effort into the homework assignments. We will be a team, each doing our own part.